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A portrait is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Whether you want to give it as a gift or you want to hang it on your wall to enjoy it every day, a portrait is the best way to capture the special moments in your life, or to honor the memory of the loved ones that are no longer among us.

What does a Portrait Commission entail?


The most important thing when ordering a portrait is a good reference photo after which I can work, to ensure a quality portrait.

The ideal photo is the one taken in natural light, clear and with a high resolution, preferably taken with a digital camera, although nowadays most mobile phones have really good cameras.

The highest possible resolution and clarity of the photo are necessary in creating the portrait, because they allow me to closely observe all the features and micro-exressions of a person, when zooming in, thus ensuring the resemblance to the person in the photo.

The better the photo, the higher the portrait quality. Another important thing is the composition, or framing of the people in the photo. The best ones are those where the person or persons are seen from the front, or from the semi profile.

Pictures taken at night or in a strong shade should be avoided, as well as those with grimaces or funny faces. For these a caricature is more appropriate.
A group portrait can be done using different photos; if for example one or more persons are not in the same photo, they can be added as long as the quality of the picture, the light and position is similar to the others. This is necessary for a quality and unitary group portrait.

Don’t limit yourself to one photo; send several, especially if you’re not sure about their quality, or if it’s just hard for you to decide on one. After I analyze them, I will get back to you and we can choose together.

Most of the time my clients want to gift their loved ones with a portrait and they want it to be a surprise, so they can’t ask the people in question for photos, therefore they resort to the most handy solution- Facebook.

When we download and save a photo from Facebook it loses its quality: resolution, clarity and so on. Furthermore, most photos on Facebook are either from holidays, or from different daily activities, so you should avoid pictures with sunglasses, or taken at night with the flash light etc .

Therefore, the quality of a portrait depends very much on the quality of the photos provided by you.
So try to look for pictures that meet as many of the above requirements as possible.

In the case of low quality photos, I will collaborate with you, providing me with certain details or corrections along the way to get the best resemblance to the person portrayed.. After all I can’t draw what I don’t see 😉

Regarding the technique in which I make the portraits, you can choose between a pencil/charcoal portrait, sepia/brown charcoal or colored pencils.

The materials used are of the highest quality, the paper is special for drawing, and each work is fixed before delivery with a special protective coat of fixative spray, which does not allow it to be erased or smudged, and gives it a high resistance over time.

The price range can vary, depending on the technique and your requirements. If what you want doesn’t fit into the standard offer, you can request a personalized price offer.

How to order?

To order a portrait after a photo, fill in the  form, and if you would like a special dimension or multiple characters, just write all the details in the massage field provided and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a custom price offer.

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